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Learn To Be A Ninja Typer In Just One Week!

Do you want your child to have faster keyboarding skills for schoolwork or gaming? Then this is the perfect course for them to learn over the school holidays! 

If your child is typing with two, three or four fingers, learning how to type with 10 fingers without looking is a no-brainer. It’s a digital skill they will use today and for the rest of their lives. It will help them to type much faster, make fewer errors and easily fly through their assignments. What a fab way for them to kick off the new academic year!

Our weekly intensive courses are running on Zoom throughout July and August.

Our live Zoom sessions and in-person lessons are where the magic happens. Your child will have help from our friendly and encouraging typing tutors who know how to make learning to touch type easy and fun. We’ll group your child with others their own age, so they’ll make new buddies while becoming typing champions!

Designed for children aged 9-18 years, our 1-Week touch typing courses are inclusive for absolute beginners and those who have dabbled a little and wish to increase their typing speed.

We are SEND-friendly.

*Register your place now through our convenient ‘Book Now/Pay Later’ form or secure your spot by paying in full.

Summer Intensive Courses on Zoom: Monday – Friday, 9am – 11am

  • Week 1: 22nd -26th July
  • Week 2: 29th July – 2nd Aug
  • Week 3: 5th – 9th Aug
  • Week 4: 12th – 16th Aug
  • Week 5: 19th – 23rd Aug
  • Week 6: 26th – 30th Aug
  • *In Person* Summer Intensive Courses: Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 11.30am. With Course Director, Lynn Howard, in Sutton (South West London).

  • Week 1: 22nd July -26th July
  • Week 2: 19th Aug – 23rd Aug
  • Don’t let your child miss out on this amazing chance to level up their typing skills.

    Sign up now and they’ll be typing like pros in no time!

      If these dates aren’t convenient for you, don’t worry!

        We’re happy to tailor courses to your schedule with our bespoke options, requiring a minimum of 3 students per group.

        If your child is already touch typing, but wish to improve their speed or accuracy, they are welcome to join this course. We’ll create a personalised lesson plan, which may include an initial assessment session. Reach out to us for further details!

        We look forward to helping your child learn to touch type 😃

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Once we receive your form and payment, your tutor will send you the login instructions and your step by step guide on how to get started. We will also let you know the day of the week when your tutor will give you written feedback.

Please note that cancellations will incur a £25.00 administration charge.

Intensive 1 Week Holiday Courses


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We Follow A Proven Formula – We Know What Works Best

Putting Your Child’s Needs and Strengths First

We will modify and tailor lessons to according to their needs and help them progress with ease.

Inspiring Confidence

We will match you to an expert typing tutor who will provide advice and encouragement throughout the course helping your child to enjoy their learning and stay on track.

A Successful Outcome

By the end of the course your child will be confidently touch typing with accuracies over 95%.

Course Key Features

Fast track course with a 2 hour lesson every day on Zoom with rest breaks

Experienced tutor to guide your child through the course

Every child goes at their own pace using software designed specifically for them.

Small group lessons – no more than 3 students per group

Ideal for children aged 9+. May not be suitable for children with moderate/severe learning differences. Call us if you are not sure.

End of course certificate and software to use once the course has finished.

Why Choose Our Intensive 1 Week Holiday Courses

Friendly tutors - we make learning easy and enjoyable

When children learn to touch type on their own, it’s sometimes too easy to give up. With our tutors on hand to help, offering lots of praise and encouragement as well as making the lessons fun, they won’t give up and they will finish confidently touch typing with an accuracy over 95%.

Flexible and adaptable learning

Our experienced tutors will adapt the lessons for your child. Every child goes at their own pace. Lessons can be adapted for children with learning differences.

Small groups and individual help

We work in small groups with one tutor to three or four students giving them lots of hands-on help and an opportunity to ask questions.

They will get a great result!

With our personalised help from a tutor, your child will finish the week typing confidently with an accuracy of over 95%. They can carry on using the programme to hone their skills further.

Follow on lesson plans

At the end of the course, your child will have learned most of the keys, but we offer follow-on courses should they wish to carry on practising and increase their speed.

Benefits Of Learning to Touch Type

Keyboard confidence

Type at the speed of thought

Type faster for essays or exams

Faster thought processing

Get thoughts down on paper fast

Focus on the task

Type more accurately

Enhance writing skills

Why Choose Type IT!

Tutors who care

Your child won’t be learning on their own. Experienced
tutors will offer support and guidance throughout

Customised lessons for your child

Your child’s tutor will adapt the lessons individually for your child so they can progress and feel confident

Outstanding Results

Our course is designed to produce the best results in super quick time!

Fun & engaging

Our typing programme uses real words and spellings using UK English. Arcade-style games for fun learning


of students go on to become confident touch typers


of students we help have
learning differences

courses completed
in Jan 23 - Jan 24

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What People are Saying…


"Brilliant intensive typing course for my son!"

Great to be able to screen share and have a tutor he was accountable to and not me! Excellent feedback, great tutors. Would thoroughly recommend and have done to several friends. Even continuing my son with weekly lessons and considering for my elder son as part of his DofE skill section!

– NB

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be for this 1 Week intensive touch typing course?

Our 1 Week Intensive Holiday Courses are suitable for children aged 9+. We also welcome families e.g. parents and children learning together.

What time do your courses start?

They take place from 9am – 11am, Monday to Friday. Courses take place in the school holidays, so Easter, Summer (July and August), October half term and Xmas. As well as on Zoom we also run face to face lessons at our typing centres in Harrow and Sutton. Check on the website for more details.

My child is dyslexic or dyspraxic - can they still join this course?

If your child is dyslexic or has another SpLD, we would recommend that you give us a call first so we can discuss their needs in more detail and work out whether an intensive course with group lessons is going to be the most suitable option them. We may recommend some face to face lessons on Zoom with a tutor in advance of the course starting so that they can learn the basics. Just give us a call to discuss.

How do the intensive courses work?

On the first day we all meet on Zoom (we have up to 15 students in total), and after a brief intro, we move into our smaller breakout rooms with one tutor to 3 students. Each student goes at their own pace working through learning all of the keys on the keyboard. The tutor is on hand to guide the students through the course, demonstrate the finger positioning as well as offer support and advice throughout the week.

At the end of each day our tutors will send you a daily voice note on WhatsApp letting you know how your child got on and what they need to do for practice.

If your child is absent on one of the days, we will set them some additional practice to do at home. Unfortunately, this missed lesson cannot be made up on Zoom with their tutor.

At the end of the course, we will send you a written report letting you know your child’s average accuracy and speed and where they got up to as well as some details of ‘next steps’. We will also attach a copy of their certificate and details of our ‘carry on typing’ courses. Access to the programme will last for a few months, giving your child plenty of time to continue with their practice.

What is the role of the tutor?

All of our touch typing tutors are lovely! They are ‘real’ human beings – not bots! Our tutors are all ages and nationalities and come from different backgrounds and are all DBS Enhanced checked. All of expert tutors can touch type proficiently – some over 100wpm! Some of our tutors are teachers, some work in business and others are university students that learnt how to touch type with us many years previously. The one thing we all have in common is that we are passionate about teaching children this wonderful life skill. We really care about what we do and go out of our way to ensure your child gets the very best out of the course.

Our tutors are there to offer support and encouragement to your child throughout the week. They will show them how to make the keystrokes using their on screen cameras so that your child can copy and follow along. They will be checking their accuracy and giving tips on how to remember the keystrokes. They will ensure that the children in their group are enjoying the lessons, modifying and adapting their lessons where necessary. They will also facilitate fun games during the breaks.

Your child’s tutor will keep a close eye on their progress and with our years of experience, we can tell if a child is finding it too difficult, or they are getting frustrated. Occasionally we may change the programme and lesson plan we are using to make it a little easier for your child.

How fast will my child be typing by the end of the course?

For the first few days of the intensive course, the emphasis is all about accuracy – maintaining an accuracy of 95% or more. Towards the end of the week, if your child is feeling confident, we will start working on some speed exercises. Final speed will depend on a number of factors, the main ones being natural ability, age and also how much practice your child does outside of the lessons. Speed will increase naturally the they practice and so the speed they finish on at the end of the week is just the beginning. Most students will need to carry on practicing after the course has finished to help increase their speed further, although some students do achieve amazing speeds in just one week. Speed can be enhanced further by signing up with one of our popular follow on courses.

How far will my child get in just one week?

Our aim is that your child finishes the course with a great accuracy and enjoys their week with us. Most students will have learnt the home row keys and the top row keys by the end of the week with many students learning the bottom row keys as well. Our older students usually finish learning all of the letters including shift and punctuation. How far they get will depend on their age and natural ability and any extra practice they may have done in the week. They can carry on using the programme after the course to increase their typing confidence and speed so that they can use their wonderful new skill to help them get through their work faster at school and also use this skill for their future careers. We also offer follow on courses for students that wish to carry on learning with us.

Do we need any special equipment?

Your child will need to have a laptop or computer with a keyboard with an internet connection. They will need to have Zoom installed. We will give you details of how to install the programme. We also ask you to buy some Velcro stickers from Amazon and also to make a cover from a cardboard box so that they are not peeking at their fingers. All of this is detailed in your starter pack which will be sent to you in advance of the course starting.

Do I need to support my child that week?

We always recommend that parents take an interest in what their child is learning because encouragement from a parent always helps. We highly recommend that you are there for the first session to help with any technical issues and just to help check for finger positioning. Once they are confident and they know what they are doing, you probably don’t need to be present for the remainder of the lessons. We will ask your child to call you if there are any problems.

I would like my child to carry on touch typing after the course has finished – what other courses do you offer?

We encourage all of our students to carry on touch typing with us. We know from experience that once the course has finished, students may forget to carry on practicing. For students that have finished the course but would like to increase their speed further, we recommend our ‘Carry on Course’. This is a 3-month lesson plan, focusing on speed work, dictation, symbols, numbers, with tutor feedback once a month. For students that haven’t quite finished learning all of the keys, we recommend our 8 week ‘Follow on Course,’ which includes a two week refresher lesson plan together with a tutor supported 6 week flexi-time home course, carrying on learning the keys where they left off. These courses cost £99.00.

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