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Benefits of Learning to Touch Type

Keyboard confidence

Type at the speed of thought

Type faster for essays or exams

Faster thought processing

Get thoughts down on paper fast

Focus on the task

Type more accurately

Enhance writing skills

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are your touch typing courses suitable for?

Our courses are suitable for children and adults aged from 7 up to 99! We have a course to suit all ages and abilities. You can even learn to touch type as a family! Just give us a call so we can set you up to learn together.

How are your touch typing courses different to other courses out there?

We are the UK’s only touch typing provider offering tutor support for all of our courses. Our team of tutors provide the very best support and encouragement to ensure that every student gets a great result.

We offer a variety of courses for all ages and abilities because we know that everyone is different. We specialise in helping children with specific learning differences such as dyslexia learn how to touch type.

With our tutor support, we can modify and adapt lessons to suit the needs of the student, even if they are learning from home without face to face lessons.

You say your touch typing courses are tutor supported – what does this mean?

Learning to touch type on your own isn’t easy. In fact, 80% of our customers have tried to learn on their own and failed. Why? Learning something new takes a lot of dedication and self-motivation.

That’s why having one of our tutors on hand to guide and motivate you through the course really helps. They are there to spot any problems, give advice, and sometimes give a little nudge where necessary and offer words of encouragement. Too often when people are learning on their own, it’s too easy just to give up. With our courses, you won’t give up. Our aim is that every student finishes the course as a brilliant touch typist!

With our Flexi-Time Courses, our tutors will be looking at your typing stats each week, and doing playbacks of real keystrokes so they can see first-hand what your typing looks like so they can easily spot any problems.

They will then collate that information and give you written feedback by email, focusing on offering words of encouragement and an outline of what needs to be done and how to do it. These step-by-step instructions means that lessons can be completed with confidence.

On our intensive courses, tutor will be live in the session with our students, demonstrating what they need to do as well as giving valuable tips and tricks so that they achieve a fantastic final result.

Our tutors are lovely! All of our tutors are ‘real’ human beings – not bots! Our tutors are all ages and nationalities and come from different backgrounds. All of expert tutors can touch type proficiently – some over 100wpm! Some of our tutors are teachers, some work in business and others are university students that learnt how to touch type with us many years previously. The one thing we all have in common is that we are passionate about teaching children this wonderful life skill. We really care about what we do and go out of our way to ensure your child gets the very best out of the course. All of our tutors have an Enhanced DBS check.

Do your touch typing courses start at a specific time?

Flexi-Time Home Courses: you can start their course at any time and practice on any day at any time – as long as lessons are completed by the assigned deadline day each week. This is the day that your tutor will go in and check your stats.

Intensive courses: these run during the school holidays (Easter, Summer and half terms) and most of our Zoom courses start at 9am and finish at 11am. We occasionally run PM sessions. If the timings do not work for you, just give us a call and we can see if we can offer you a private session.

How fast do you expect learners to be typing by the end of the course?

Final speed will depend on a number of factors, the main ones being natural ability, age and also how much practice you do. Speed will increase naturally the more a person practices and so we see speeds go up towards the end of the course.

We do set certain speed exercises throughout the course, and we hope that most students finish the course with at least a speed of 30wpm. Many of our students finish with speeds in excess of this. All of our students finish with an accuracy over 95%.

My child is dyslexic or dyspraxic - can they still join one of your touch typing courses?

Yes, we specialise in helping many children and adults with dyslexia and dyspraxia learn how to touch type. We suggest you give us a call to discuss your requirements so that we talk through the course options in more detail or just browse through our selection of courses.

Which one of your touch typing courses is the best to choose?

This is a difficult question because this depends on so many factors. Some people prefer a more intensive style course, where lessons build quickly over a week, so a fast track flexi-time home course is a good option or one of our intensive courses. Other students may feel more comfortable learning more slowly, giving more time for practice. So the 10 Week Flexi-Time Home Course or 10 Week Flexi-Time Home Course Plus+ or Junior/Dyslexia Rolling course would be a good option.

Which is the easiest course to do?
If your child is younger or they have a specific learning difference such as dyslexia, our Junior Dyslexia Rolling Course is the easiest course to learn. Learning builds slowly with lots of repetition. You also have three lessons on Zoom with a tutor included in the fee, so they have lots of hands on help.

Which is the fastest course to do?
Our intensive face to face on Zoom courses are ideal for adults and children if you are in a hurry to learn. You can learn in just one week. Or if you prefer to learn from home, you can fast track the 10 week Flexi-Time Home course.

What is the best course for adults?
We would recommend the 10 Week Flexi-Time Home Course, because this allows you to practice for an hour a week which fits in well if you are working full time.

Which course gets the best results?

All of our courses get great results because they are all tutor supported. However, learning to touch type takes time, so you need to bear this in mind. If you looking to book an intensive course, you will learn to touch type the letters very quickly in just one week, but you will need to continue practicing once the course has finished to consolidate learning and improve on speed.


Our 10-week remote courses builds touch typing skills at a slighter slower pace with just a one hour lesson each week, which leaves lots of time in between for additional practice. This means at the end of the 10 weeks; you are more likely to have a great speed ready to use your skill for school or work.


If you cannot find a course to suit you and would prefer a more bespoke option, we can organise this for you. Just give us a call.

What’s the difference between a Flexi-Time Home Course and a course on Zoom?

Our Flexi-Time Home Courses allow students to learn from home on any day at any time using an online programme designed by us. They don’t have to be fixed to a face to face lesson each week so are very flexible. However, they will still have a tutor that will go and check their results online and give detailed written feedback and support via email every week. Our Zoom courses (intensive, one to one, Flexi-Time Home Course Plus+), offer face to face support live with a tutor so they get a little more support during their lessons.

What happens if we do not finish the Flexi-Time Home touch typing course in the allocated time?

Most students will need at least 10 lessons e.g., 10 hours of tuition. Some students will need more hours if they have an SpLD or are younger.

Our courses are designed as continuous so that our students get the very best result. If lessons are missed or have had to be repeated, it may take longer than the allocated time.

If this happens, we will notify you closer to the end of the course, suggesting that your purchase some additional weeks (paid pro rata), so that the course can be completed.

If you are on a Flexi-Time Home course or a DofE course, and need to take a break for whatever reason, just give us a call.

Please note that the Dyslexia Junior Course is a rolling course, paid monthly, and there is no set finish date.

Do you offer any follow on courses once the course has finished?

At the end of the course, all students receive a certificate and access to the programme for a few months so they can continue their practice. However, we know from experience that once the course has finished, sometimes students forget to carry on practicing. To help keep practice going, ee offer a couple of follow on courses:


Intensive and Flexi-Time Home Courses: For students that have finished the course but would like to increase their speed further, we recommend our ‘Carry on Course’. This is a 3-month lesson plan, with tutor feedback once a month.


Intensive Courses – we offer a ‘Follow on Course’ for students that haven’t quite finished learning all of the keys on the bottom row, and would like to finish those but also work on increasing their speed. This is an 8-week course consisting of two weeks of refresher lessons and 6 further weeks of tutor supported lessons.

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