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Tutor Supported Touch Typing Courses For Children & Adults

Life-Changing Touch Typing Courses For Children & Adults

We are the UK’s top provider of tutor-supported online touch typing lessons for children and adults. Our unique and bespoke program allows our team of experienced and friendly tutors to personalise a student’s journey from start to finish making us the go-to touch typing company for children with dyslexia and dyspraxia.

Our typing tutors guide and motivate our students each week with written or live feedback, filling them with confidence and ready to succeed.

With 98% of our students finishing the course with over 95% accuracy and speeds of over 30wpm, our results speak for themselves leaving them able to type more efficiently and helping them to excel at school, university and the workplace.

Our Touch Typing

Why Learn to Touch Type?

Learn to type quickly
and save 100’s of
hours every year!

Focus on quality of work
rather than your fingers!

Get your thoughts down
on paper FAST without
losing focus

Keep up in class and
exams and improve
productivity at work!

What Best Describes You?

My child has
dyslexia / dyspraxia
My child doesn’t have
a learning difference
My child is interested
in skill training for DofE
I am an adult

None of the above? Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you on your touch typing journey

Why Choose Type IT!

Tutors who care

Our students won't be learning on their own. Our experienced tutors will offer support and guidance throughout.

Customised lessons for every student

Your tutor will adapt the lessons individually for you or your child so they can progress and feel confident.

Flexible learning

With our remote courses, lessons can be completed on any day at any time. Our tutors will check your results remotely and give detailed feedback each week.

Fun & engaging

Our typing program uses real words and spellings using UK English. Arcade-style games for fun learning. We write our own content too!


of students go on to become confident touch typers


of students we help have
learning differences

courses completed
in Jan 23 - Jan 24

happy qualified

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What People are Saying...


"What a fantastic experience once again!"

Type IT never fails to impress us. Yes, first my daughter and now my son finished the course of touch typing with Type IT. Can’t thank them enough for being so prompt, professional, personalised and pleasant. Very organised and structured. Great with feedbacks and very encouraging!

Thank you once again for helping my both the children learn touch typing for life.

- Mrs Khan

Frequently Asked Questions

My child has a learning difference e.g. dyslexia - can you help?

Yes absolutely! With other touch typing courses or programmes, it tends to be a one sized fits all approach. And this doesn’t work for children with an SpLD, such as dyslexia. Other courses expect the student to learn too quickly which can overwhelm the working memory and before long your child has given up. It’s important to select the right course for your child so that it is designed at the right level and pace for them. Learning needs to be gentle, and build up in smaller incremental steps. Our tutor supported courses will ensure that this happens.

We offer a few courses to help children with dyslexia and other learning differences. The choice will depend on your child, how they learn best and the time that they have to learn. We recommend that you give us a call to discuss your child’s needs in more detail or you can book an assessment lesson with us so we can suggest the best course for your child.

Please visit our this page for an overview of all of our courses that are suitable for a children with a learning difference.

Which is the best touch typing course to choose?

The answer to this depends on so many factors. Some people prefer a more intensive style course, where lessons build quickly, so a fast track flexi-time home course is a good option or perhaps one of our week long intensive courses.

Other students may feel more comfortable learning more slowly, giving more time for practice. So the 10 Week Flexi-Time Home Course or 10 Week Flexi-Time Home Course Plus+ or Junior/Dyslexia Rolling course would be a good option.

Which is the easiest course to do?

If your child is younger or they have a specific learning difference such as dyslexia, our Junior Dyslexia Rolling Course is the easiest course to learn. Learning builds slowly with lots of repetition. You also have three lessons on Zoom with a tutor included in the fee, so they have lots of hands on help.

Which is the fastest course to do?

Our intensive face to face on Zoom courses are ideal for adults and children if you are in a hurry to learn. You can learn in just one week. Or if you prefer to learn from home, you can fast track the 10 week Flexi-Time Home course.

What is the best course for adults?

We would recommend the 10 Week Flexi-Time Home Course, because this allows you to practice for an hour a week which fits in well if you are working full time.

Which courses are term time?

Our centre based courses are term time only.
Which courses can my child do in the holidays?
Our intensive courses run in the holidays live on Zoom or you can fast track our 10 Week Flexi-Time Home Course – just say how many weeks you want to complete the course in on your booking form.

Which course gets the best results?

All of our courses get great results because they are all tutor supported. However, learning to touch type takes time, so you need to bear this in mind. If you looking to book an intensive course, you will learn to touch type the letters very quickly in just one week, but you will need to continue practicing once the course has finished to consolidate learning and improve on speed.

If you cannot find a course to suit you and would prefer a more bespoke option, we can organise this for you. Just give us a call.

How are you different from a free course?

The huge advantage of our courses compared to a free course is that all of our courses are tutor supported - even our flexi- time home touch typing courses. Every student will have their own friendly, experienced typing tutor assigned to them to guide them through the course from start to finish. This helps to keep accountable and stay on track, ensuring that they will never give up as well as enjoy learning this incredible life skill.

How long do your courses take to learn?

The great thing about our courses, is that it’s your choice how fast or slow you wish to learn! You can learn in as little as one week with a double lesson each day, or up to 12 weeks, with a one hour lesson each week. You can even change your mind, and choose to fast track or slow down at any point. Just choose the course you wish to do and bespoke it by adding a message in the comments box on the booking form.

I’m not sure which course to book – can you help?

Yes we understand that there are a lot of options to choose from! The best thing to do is to give us a call so that we can chat through your exact requirements in more detail and find the course that is right for you or your child. We also offer assessment lessons for children, if you would like to know whether it’s the right time to start learning to touch type, what course may be suitable for your child or to discuss bespoke courses in more detail.

My child is very busy – how are they going to fit this in each week?

We totally understand that young children and teenagers are busier than ever before. And that is why we have introduced our flexi-time home touch typing course. It means that your child can complete their one hour of practice spread across the week, never being tied to one place at one time. We advise practicing for just 10 minutes per day – which can easily fit into their busy schedules. Over a period of weeks, their skills will develop so that by the end of the course they will be touch typing accurately, confidently and with speed.

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