12-Week Flexi Time Home Touch Typing Course for DofE Skill

12 Weeks
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1 Hour Per Week
Tutor Supported
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Type Faster and Excel in Writing with this 12 Week Flexi Time Course for DofE.

Look no further than our DofE Approved 12 Week Touch Typing ‘Learn from Home’ Course.

What makes our course the best? Firstly, it’s designed specifically for DofE students, so you won’t find it anywhere else and with our state-of-the-art tracking system, our dedicated tutors will be able to give you detailed insights into your typing every week. Our course has been DofE Approved for over 4 years, so you know you can trust it.

With this flexible course, you get to choose how much you do each day and you’ll be supported by our friendly, experienced tutors every step of the way. Learning to touch type is fun and interactive, making learning to touch type a breeze!

Through our interactive course, you’ll learn to type faster and with higher accuracy, boost your thought-processing speed, and enhance your writing skills. Our program is also Dyslexia and other SpLDs-friendly, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our course.

Our students love our course, and with our 100% pass rate, we’re confident you will too. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say about their experience. There’s never been a better time than to choose us for your DofE skill!

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Did you know! – You can spread the cost of this course which is £65/month for 3 months! That’s as little as £3.20 a day or the price of a cup of coffee!

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12-Week Flexi Time Home Touch Typing Course for DofE Skill


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Pay in 3 x Monthly Installments of £65

12-Week Flexi Time Home Touch Typing Course for DofE Skill (Installment)

£65.00 / month for 3 months

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MM slash DD slash YYYY
How Did You Hear About Us?*
DofE - which Level is this for?*
If you would like us to send a copy of your Assessor Report to the DofE Co-Ordinator at your school, please fill in the following details
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We Follow A Proven Formula…We Know What Works

We Set Their Lessons

Your child will have one week to complete their assigned lessons which have been set by their tutor. They will make sure the amount set is achievable and manageable!

Check Their Results

On a set day each week, your child’s tutor will check their results online, including their actual keystrokes. So we know exactly how they got on without even being there! Includes video analysis in Week 3.

Give Next Steps...

We will then give advice on any areas for improvement whilst also giving lots of praise and encouragement. We will unlock their next lessons giving them tips and tricks of what to look out for and how to do it.

Course Key Features

You can join this course at any time and learn from home when it suits you

You will receive a detailed starter pack containing everything you need to get going

As part of DofE requirements, you are expected to practice your skill for one hour each week

All you need to do is choose the day you'd like to have your lesson completed by each week and don't worry, you can change this at any time. Having a set day helps with routine and allows your tutor to book a regular slot for checking your work.

You can complete your one-hour lesson at any time that day or the days leading up to the tutor feedback day. You can choose to do your lesson in bite-size chunks if that suits you better

You will have an assigned tutor to check your work remotely and give you feedback by email on the next working day. Your tutor will analyse your results and check your actual keystrokes. We also do a video analysis in week 3 so we can check your finger positioning.

You will be learning how to touch type all the keys on the keyboard including shift, punctuation, numbers and speed work.

You will complete the course typing with 95% accuracy and speeds in excess of 30wpm+

You will have 12 weeks from their start date to complete the course. Please notify us in advance if you are unable to complete any weeks

We will complete your DofE Assessor report and upload directly with the DofE

Why You Should Choose Us For Your DofE Skill

A Skill For Life

Yes, it sounds cliche, but it’s so true! You’re probably typing more than ever before but if you could type even faster, without looking or even thinking about what your fingers are doing – it’s going to save you so much time at school, university, and the workplace.


You don’t need to download anything – you just need an internet connection so you can do your 1- hour lesson on any device anywhere, anytime! You can even use an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard. Do your 1- hour lesson whenever it suits you.

No Faffing!

No need to upload or send us anything – we check your results remotely and even playback your actual keystrokes. We will upload your DofE Assessor Report directly to the DofE for you.

Support - Help From a 'real' person, not a chatbot!

You will be mentored by a real person – an experienced and friendly touch-typing tutor. We are on hand 7 days a week to answer any questions.

Easy To Learn

Easy to learn – we are the only typing company in the UK to include video and audio instructions throughout the course so you can’t go wrong.

Bespoke For You

We adjust the lessons to your needs. So if you are dyslexic or dyspraxic, we can help you.

It's Not Boring!

We add lots of games and fun stuff too and you can spread out your practice as much as you like in the week.

Best Chance of Success - You won't give up!

We will be encouraging you all the way! With over 1500 students successfully completing the course so far!

Benefits Of Learning to Touch Type

Keyboard confidence

Type at the speed of thought

Type faster for essays or exams

Faster thought processing

Get thoughts down on paper fast

Focus on the task

Type more accurately

Enhance writing skills

Why Choose Type IT!

Tutors who care

Our students won't be learning on their own. Our experienced tutors will offer support and guidance throughout.

Customised lessons for every student

Your tutor will adapt the lessons individually for you or your child so they can progress and feel confident.

Flexible learning

With our remote courses, lessons can be completed on any day at any time. Our tutors will check your results remotely and give detailed feedback each week.

Fun & engaging

Our typing program uses real words and spellings using UK English. Arcade-style games for fun learning. We write our own content too!


of students go on to become confident touch typers


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learning differences

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What people are saying…


"This was by far the best typing course I tried!"

I’ve just finished learning touch typing for my Duke of Edinburgh skills section and this course was perfect. I was able to learn everything so quickly: the instructions were so clear and they give you loads of practice. The clear, constructive feedback is also really practical and useful. I would really recommend learning touch typing, it has made all my school work unbelievably quicker and easier; once you start touch typing, it’s impossible to imagine typing without it! This was by far the best typing course I’ve tried. Thank you so much to Kirsty, Tracy and Wendy.

– Eve

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child learn touch typing for their DofE Skill?

Yes, absolutely! We are an Approved Activity Provider with the DofE, which means our flexi-time home touch-typing course has been assessed and accredited by the DofE. It’s a fantastic skill to learn for DofE, because it’s a life skill that your child can use for the rest of their lives!

How easy is it to learn touch typing for DofE?

Learning to touch type is a life skill that every child should learn. If your child can type up to 5 times faster, without looking or thinking about what their fingers are doing, it’s going to save them so much time and energy. These are benefits that will help them at school and university but also once they enter the world of work. These days, touch typing is a digital skill that all employers expect their workforce to have.

Our 12-week flexi-time home DofE Course is easy to follow with just one hour of practice each week. We offer lots of on-screen videos and instructions, so your child really can’t go wrong. Together with weekly feedback from their tutor, they will find the course manageable and enjoyable.

We can proudly say that 100% of our students that complete the 12 week course, pass their DofE skill with us. Occasionally we have had some students that have had to put their course on hold for personal reasons.

How long is the DofE touch typing course for?

This course runs for 12 weeks. As part of DofE requirements, our course is designed to so that students practice their typing for one hour per week. This course cannot be fast tracked. DofE Participants have to demonstrate that they are dedicating one hour a week of practice. We will be using our online system to track timings. The course is continuous, so lessons shouldn’t be missed unless away on holiday or because of illness. At the end of the 12 weeks we will submit their Assessor Report directly to the DofE for you.

How does the course work?

With the 12 week DofE flexi-time home course, lessons can be completed from home on any day at any time, allowing your child to fit in their lessons around their busy schedule. They just need to ensure they have their lessons completed before their feedback day, which will be given to you in advance.

If your child needs to take a break, just let us know in advance. Obviously, taking a break in the middle of the course may mean that your child is a little bit rusty coming back so we may have to set some refresher lessons. Always check with your DofE Manager at school with regards to deadlines.

It’s really important that they read the starter pack carefully so they know what to do. It also includes information about how to make a box cover and order Velcro stickers. We would advise that parents also read the pack and help their child get started.

  • The programme includes specific instructions on what to do and we have even uploaded ‘how to’ videos so your child can follow along with finger positioning.
  • They will be given a deadline day in the week when they need to have completed all of their lessons by. For example, if that day is a Monday, your child can complete their practice from Tuesday – Sunday, ready for their tutor to check their work online and give written feedback by email.
  • The feedback will include information about their overall results e.g. accuracy and speed, any tricky keys and how to overcome those problems, any lessons they need to repeat, what to do next and how to do it. The next set of lessons will be unlocked by their tutor.
  • At the end of the course, their tutor will send you a final feedback, a certificate of their achievement and upload their Assessor Report directly to the DofE.
  • The main contact at Type IT! for DofE is: Wendy Petersen, wendy@touchtypeit.co.uk, 020 8434 7111
How fast will my child be typing by the end of the course?

Our aim is that your child finishes the course with a great accuracy and speed and also enjoys their touch typing journey. We hope that they can use their wonderful new skill to help them get through their work faster at school and also use this skill for their future careers.

Final speed will depend on a number of factors, the main ones being natural ability, age and also how much practice your child does. Speed will increase naturally the more a person practices and so we see speeds go up towards the end of the course. We do set certain speed exercises throughout the course, and we hope that most students finish the course with at least a speed of 30wpm. Many of our students finish with speeds in excess of this.

What happens if my child doesn’t complete all of the lessons that their tutor has set them each week?

It’s really important that your child completes all of their assigned lessons each week and your child’s tutor will be checking this. The lessons are carefully set to ensure that your child is practicing for approximately one hour each week, and if they are not completing all of their lessons, it means that they are not adhering to the requirements of the DofE. We will notify you if this happens and we like to work together with parents to ensure that students stay on track. Missed lessons without notice will count as a paid feedback which means your child may not finish the course in 12 weeks. Additional weeks can be purchased at the end of the course.

Do I need to help my child?

With the DofE course, you shouldn’t need to directly help your child unless you feel they need some assistance. It is helpful to read the starter pack together with your child so they understand how the course works and what they need to do each week. For safeguarding reasons, we do not communicate directly with students under the age of 18. However, we are happy to copy them into any emails that we send to the parent. Just let us know their email address when you make a booking. As many of our tutors have secondary roles working in schools, we do not pass on direct telephone numbers for our tutors. However, we have a very helpful support team on hand to answer any of your questions or concerns and you can call us Monday – Friday during normal office hours.

What do you include in the DofE Assessor Report?

We give a summary of their journey over the 12 weeks. We discuss what their starting point was (their baseline test), what outcome they wanted to achieve and whether they have reached their goal. We talk about how they have progressed with their touch typing, discussing any difficulties they had to overcome. We will then submit this to the DofE Assessor Report for you online.

My child has already achieved their Bronze Award – can they learn touch typing for Silver or Gold?

Yes, as well as our 12-week course, we also offer a 3-month extension/advanced course, so they can complete their skill over 6 months. Just sign up and pay for the 12-week course to start with, and indicate that you would like them to do this for 6 months. There will be an additionaal fee of £99 for the extension course.

What happens if my child doesn’t complete the course in 12 weeks?

Sometimes students don’t quite finish in 12 weeks, so many decide to carry on learning with us after this. Extra lessons can be paid for on a pro-rata basis. It won’t affect the outcome of their DofE if they choose not to carry on. The Assessor Report is written based upon their journey so far, not their final results.

We also have other students that wish to carry on touch typing to try and increase their speed. We encourage all of our students to carry on touch typing with us. We know from experience that once the course has finished, students may forget to carry on practicing. For students that have finished the course but would like to increase their speed further, we recommend our ‘Carry on Course’. This is a 3 month lesson plan, focusing on speed work, dictation, symbols, numbers, with tutor feedback once a month.

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