Working from home during nice weather by Type IT!


With more homeworking post lockdown, it can be really hard to sit down and stay focused now the weather is warming up.

So how can you bring the outside to the inside, while staying comfortable indoors?

  1. Cut down on that dehydrating caffeine in hot weather.    Substitute nice cool drinks of water.   Too boring?   Consider adding a touch of lemon or sparkling water instead.
  1. Open a window (if your hay fever isn’t too bad) or have a fan circulating the air around the house or invest in an air conditioning unit.   My husband decided to invest in an air conditioning unit as I work from home in the kitchen which is boiling in the summer and freezing in the winter.   Plus, my cats sleep in there too and they just can’t on a really hot day.   The downside?  Now it’s installed, he has to box it in and it’s ugly.   So if you do get one, consider the size, positioning in the house and that you need to get a professional to install it!
    Don’t want to spend money on an air conditioning unit?  Try these fan hacks.
  1. Dress for the weather in light cotton or linen.
  1. Take those shoes/socks off to avoid overheating.   Really hot?   Put a hot water bottle in the freezer then place it under your feet.
  1. Consider moving your working hours to the cooler part of the day (this may be something you can agree with your employer).
  1. If you can, keep the curtains or blinds shut during the day then open the windows at night.   This will keep your home cooler.
  1. Take regular breaks and cool down those pulse points with water.

While working from home can be a flexible option, you still have workers’ rights to work in comfortable conditions so do consider the factors above.     What else do you do to stay comfortable working from home?

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