Ways to make Christmas easier from Type IT!

Ways to make Christmas easier


If you are juggling work and home life and haven’t quite got round to those presents yet, how can you make Christmas easier?   Here are a few tips from Type IT! to help you on your way.
1. Instead of writing out all those Christmas cards, why not put a message on your Facebook or out to friends by email saying that you will be contributing to charity instead this year? They could really do with the help, especially at the moment. If you do want to send something, consider a Christmas postcard which is easier and cheaper to send.

2. Get labels pre-printed with “Love from” and your/your families name rather than hand writing all those labels. You can do this for family gift labels too, I have festive labels with my children’s names on them to go on their presents. They have lasted for 3 years now.

3. Invest in some Christmas bags or individual sheets of wrapping/tissue paper to avoid all that cutting and stress.

4. Think about experience days or vouchers for that person who has everything. Did you know that you can give a “Type IT!” voucher for Christmas to learn touch typing? The course is remote and can be taken from anywhere.  Contact wendy@touchtypeit.co.uk for more information.

5. A lot of individuals on Facebook and ebay sell nice little bags of Christmas sweeties such as elf kisses and chocolate santas, nice for stocking fillers or little gifts for your children’s friends/to add a little extra touch to someone’s gift.  Not sure what to give as a little token something?   How about some sweeties in a pretty Christmas mug, decorated with a ribbon? Here is a link for Sue’s Sweetie Cones, prices starting from 30 pence.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/602884603076664

6. Run out of wrapping paper?  See if you have some old scraps of fabric and ribbon that you can recycle.

7. Check out those January sales – you can get Christmas cards, wrapping paper, decorations and all sorts so you are one step ahead next year!

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas from the Type IT! team.

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