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adults-and-children-collage-300x240-9825643Children and Adult Touch Typers – Different Learning Styles

It’s quite interesting to see the difference between our adult and junior touch typers. The principle is the same. Aim for a high accuracy and don’t worry about the speed – that will come later.

Adults are super accurate!

The adults are super cautious, aiming for as high an accuracy as possible. They are almost afraid of typing too quickly just in case their accuracy drops. We remind them that they don’t have to get 100% on every lesson! So towards the end of the course, we find ourselves encouraging them to ‘go for it!’. We say, “Just see what happens. Have faith that your fingers know where to go – the automaticity will kick in.” And it always does. They just need a bit of reassurance and a nudge from us to give them the confidence to try it.

Children love to type fast!

The children, on the other hand, don’t have these fears. They just go for it from day one! Quite often they start off by typing too fast, not really worrying about the accuracy. So with our younger learners, we have to slow them down, sometimes asking them to say the letters out loud as they type which forces them to slow down or to use a metronome that helps them type to a steady beat. They just love to type fast! But we have to remind them that accuracy always comes first.

They all learn how to touch type in the end!

The end result is the same. A good accuracy above 95% and speeds in excess of 30wpm.

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