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Top typing facts


Japanese Keyboard

From the word’s fastest typist to the shortest space bar, here are some of our top typing facts.

  1. Typing Day is held on January 8 every year as one week after New Year is a good time to think through and write down plans for the year
  2. The layout of the QWERTY keyboard was originally designed to slow people down so that the hammers on the typewriter would not jam.
  3. On your keyboard, the longest word that you can type using only the top row is typewriter.
  4. The only country whose name can be typed on one row of a keyboard is Peru. The only US state is Alaska.
  5. Studies have shown that a keyboard will be dirtier than your average toilet.
  6. In the First World War, the word typewriter was used as army slang for a machine gun.
  7. Almost all keyboards will have bumps on the F and J keys.  These bumps are really useful when it comes to centering yourself when you learn touch typing.
  8. The shortest space bar is found in Japan as extra space is required on the keyboard for additional characters.
  9. The world record for typing the English alphabet from A to Z is 1.8 seconds.
    World Record For Fastest Typing: A to Z in 1.8 Seconds! -By Shrey Bhatnagar – Bing video
  10. World’s fastest typist, English language. As of 2005, the title belongs to Barbara Blackburn who managed to hit a peak of 216 wpm on a Dvorak keyboard.

    Do you know any fascinating typing facts?   How fast can you type A to Z?   For more information on touch typing, see Touch Type Tutor | Online Typing Courses | Best Online Touch Typing Course (touchtypeit.co.uk)

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