Top 10 typing tips – how to type in comfort

Top 10 typing tips

These tips seem particularly important to me at the moment.   During lockdown I have been working at the kitchen table which is the wrong height but luckily, I have a monitor stand, a decent chair and as a touch typist I have managed to save my neck and back.     I am looking forward to my new desk arriving and will be following the tips below!

How many of you are working with the wrong posture and set up?


  1. Good posture.   Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Adjust your chair and keyboard height so your elbows are at 90 degrees and your arms are close to your sides.   Your arms should be hanging and relaxed.   If your shoulders are hunched, raise your chair height or lower your keyboard.
  3. Keep your wrists straight and fingers curved over the keys with thumbs hanging near the space bar.
  4. Touch typing can really help your posture.   If you are looking at the screen rather than bobbing up and down, then this will help your neck.
  5. Your monitor screen can be slightly tilted.  The screen should be at a height so when you’re looking straight ahead, the top of the screen is approximately level with your eyes. If it’s too low, consider getting a stand.


  1.  Choose a chair that has lower back support and has height adjustment.  Be careful of armrests and make sure they don’t interfere with your arm position.
  2. Consider a desk with a sliding keyboard tray so that your keyboard is at the right height and not too high.

Keyboard & Mouse

  1.  Your keyboard and mouse should be close together.  Your hands should be level or slightly lower than your elbows.   Your hands and forearms should be in a straight line to type.

Really important – Take a break!

  1.  Take a regular break for a glass of water, to stand up and stretch and take your focus away from the computer screen.

I hope these tips are of help.   A good posture, resting your eyes and changing focus and regular breaks are so important if you are sitting for long hours at a desk.

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