Top 10 typewriter facts from Type IT!


Did you know?

  1. The typewriter was originally designed to print page numbers on books.
  2. The longest top-row word is ‘rupturewort’, a type of plant.
  3. Peru is the only country that can be typed on one row of a keyboard.
  4. The QWERTY layout was created in 1874 for Sholes & Glidden typewriters. It was designed to stop common keys from being placed close together and jamming.
  5. The longest word that could be typed on a typewriter with the left hand is stewardesses.
  6. A common belief is the QWERTY layout was designed to make it easy for salesmen to show off the typewriter by typing “typewriter”. It is also one of the longest words to be typed using one row.
  7. Most early typewriters had a bell to warn typists that they were nearing the end of the paper so they were ready for a carriage return.
  8. If you type letters using alternate hands, Skepticism is the longest typed word you can type.
  9. There are 43 keys on a typewriter.
  10. Qwerty is a real word!

Do you know any more interesting facts about typewriters?

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