There’s never been a better time for children to learn how to touch type.

With children of all ages using a computer or laptop pretty much everyday, being able to use the keyboard properly is an essential digital skill.

Learning to touch type

So what are the benefits of learning to touch type?

✳️ Work faster – typing can be up to 6 times faster than hunting and pecking keys saving hundreds of hours a year.

✳️ Type at the speed of thought – fingers can keep up with the brain!

✳️ Laptop ready – for the classroom or for exams.

✳️ More accurate – fewer errors.

✳️ Focus on content, not on what the fingers are doing.

✳️ Improved concentration – less other things to think about.

✳️ Ability to get thoughts down on paper – faster than writing or hunting and pecking.

✳️ Faster thought processing; not having to think about forming letters on paper.

✳️ Improved posture – head isn’t bobbing up and down!

✳️ Transferable skill – great for CV’s and university/work.

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