Take a break from typing – why screen breaks are important.


Stop typing and take a break from screen time.

The other week I was doing a lot of close work on my computer, checking information and entering figures on spreadsheets. I ended up with a dreadful headache and so I scheduled in a couple of walks with friends later in the week, just to get away from staring at the screen.

During lockdown, a lot of us have been looking at screens for work, exercise videos and entertainment.  So why do we need to take a break from the screen?


  • Taking a break from the screen and typing away, can actually help you focus, leaving you fresh to continue when you come back to your screen.  Just give your brain that time to relax and reset.
  • Giving your brain a break can enable you to be more creative so you are ready and refreshed before addressing your next task.
  • Eye strain, headaches and blurred vision can be a sign that you have spent too long in front of a screen. Having regular breaks will result in less discomfort and eyestrain.

Take a break

  • Breaks, including taking a walk or exercise can help you manage stress. Use them as a reward for when you have achieved a task.
  • Taking a break will guard against tension in your back, shoulders and arms. If you are feeling a bit stiff from typing, check out these Pilates moves to do at your desk! https://maxwellproline.com/5-pilates-exercises-desk/ Learning to touch type is also great for your posture too, stopping you from bobbing your head up and down.
  • When should I take a break? Research suggests 5-10 minutes every hour.   Enough time to make a cuppa!
  • For those studying, that break can help you digest what you have just learnt and give you a higher chance of retaining the information. A break can also stop your attention from drifting away from your task.
  • For children – breaks can be used as a means to encourage them to focus, knowing that a break/reward is coming. Children should get up and move away from screens every 20 minutes or if that is not possible, they should focus their gaze 20 feet away to give their eyes a rest.

So breaks can be a great benefit – make sure you reward yourself with several throughout the day. Stop typing and take a break from screen time.

Kirsty from the Type IT! Team

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