Question time with Wendy Petersen, founder of Type IT!

What do you enjoy most about your job?


I guess for me it’s when a student actually finishes the course and the difference it really makes to them.  It’s wonderful to get such positive feedback from our students, especially when they come to us at the beginning, really lacking in confidence. You can see their head is down and they are learning to touch type because they need to for school.

Touch typing can help children with learning needs

They may be Dyslexic or Dyspraxic, so for them, it may be difficult to get their thoughts down on paper. For them, they may be learning to touch type in order to communicate more effectively.  It’s just another thing to learn on top of extra-curricular lessons they may have already. They may be a bit deflated when they start, but we try to make the journey for them as easy as possible when they are learning, just being there for them and supporting them through the course.

Touch typing is a really useful skill

So I guess, the best thing for me personally is when we get the feedback from the parents and the student to say thank you so much, that they are able to use the skill in school, they are able to keep up with their peers in class, they are able to use a device in an exam to get through their answers, they aren’t falling behind and are able to really keep up and excel.

For these students, all their ideas are there, they aren’t stupid, they are clever, young individuals, it’s just the handwriting part is really tricky for them so to be able to give them that skill is amazing. It really is a life changing skill for them to have and we are delighted to help them and it is wonderful to get the feedback and see their smiling faces.

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