Need some help to de-stress your life?

With stress awareness week just behind us, here are some simple ways to destress and unwind.



When you are at work, make sure you take a lunch break and breaks throughout the day.   Everyone needs to take a break.

Rather than eat lunch at your desk, weather provided, it might be nice to take a walk outside or find a bench to sit on, just for that change of environment and a focus away from work.


Make sure you have a good posture when typing at work to avoid stresses and strains on the back and neck.   Touch typing can help too as you are not looking up and down at the screen and keyboard.   Take breaks from your screen or make a drink, just to give your eyes a rest and so you can stretch your legs.



Do some exercise to release those happy hormones – it could be a walk in the fresh air, yoga, swim or exercise class.   You don’t need to go out if you don’t want to, there are loads of videos on you tube, including short ones to fit into your working day.

A problem shared

If you have a problem, don’t give up and let it fester, take action to solve it.  A problem shared – connect with others and find time to do something fun.

Me time

Try to find some “me” time even if you have to schedule it!   Take up a new hobby or challenge yourself – get that sense of achievement.

Get rid of those worries

Avoid developing a crutch for yourself – alcohol, caffeine or smoking.     Waking up with a sore head every day is not going to help those stress levels.

Write a list of things you need to do and work out which ones you need to prioritise.  Allocate time slots for relaxation and me time.

Try jotting down a list of those worries before you go to bed to get them out of your mind.

Be prepared

Try getting things ready the night before – clothes, your bag, your packed lunch – even lay your breakfast bowl and cup out ready to avoid that rush in the morning.


A good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is so important.   Everything can feel so much worse when you are tired and find it hard to focus.

Finding it hard to drop off to sleep?   Make sure your screens are switched off an hour before bed.   Maybe read a book or take a relaxing bath.  Consider listening to a relaxing app like the Calm app to help your mind to relax.

I hope these tips help you to relax and destress.

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