Learn to touch type FAST!

Want to learn to speed type e.g. type FAST without looking or thinking?

Type IT! Remote touch typing courses

Our remote touch typing courses work like this:

🌼Choose how quickly you want to learn. Fast track (2/3/4/6weeks) or steady pace (12 weeks).
🌼 Learn from home in your own time using our bespoke typing programme.
🌼 Follow the advice and guidance that your tutor sends you every week
🌼 Complete your assigned tasks each week.

Wendy Petersen, Course Director

Why choose one of our remote courses?

✅ The course is individually designed for you because no two people are the same.
✅ Weekly feedback and guidance from a dedicated typing tutor (a real person, not a bot!).
✅ Our tutors will check your actual keystrokes so we can quickly see and fix any errors.
✅ Video and audio support throughout to make your typing super easy.
✅ Comprehensive starter pack so you know what you are doing from day 1.
✅ Helpline for information and support.

Recommended for children aged 10+ and adults too. The cost of our remote course is £195.00.

Need some additional help?

Want some additional help on Zoom? No problem! Our Remote Course Plus+ is perfect. 2 x Zoom + 10 remote lessons. £295.


Let's Get Touch Typing!

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