Learn to touch type and avoid being a 2 finger Ninja!

By Stephanie Treversh, Business Development Manager.

Since working remotely has become the new normal, I decided it was the right time to upgrade my laptop and purchase a new one. The nature of my role requires me to schedule meetings with clients on a regular basis,  this would be face to face (until recently) and via video calls, so making sure I was technologically equipped was important. Since purchasing my new laptop, I thought about other ways in which I could increase my productivity and efficiency – I spend a lot of time when I’m not on calls, responding to and sending emails.

I had never really thought about the way I type until recently when I saw Wendy’s touch typing course recommended by a friend of mine through Instagram. I learnt how to touch type at school however, it was only a one-week course and to be honest, I never really took it seriously.

When reviewing the way I used to type, I can only describe myself as a ‘two finger ninja’, I would spend a lot of time staring at my keyboard, hands going all over the place and making a lot of mistakes and thus spending equally as much time correcting them or relying on auto-correct, which I’ve learnt the hard way, isn’t always that reliable!

With the world we live in now relying even more heavily on technology, and the fact that I had begun working from home so had a little more time on my hands in the mornings and evenings (where I would otherwise be commuting), I decided to enrol in Type IT’s 12-week remote touch typing course. I can honestly say it has been a complete game changer and I did not realise just how useful this basic skill is until I learnt.

It has saved me so much time writing emails to my clients since I’m making a lot less mistakes, and the few I do make are easily corrected (I used to delete the whole word and retype it in my ‘ninja’ style!).

My typing speed is also increasing by the day! Wendy has been such a great tutor providing regular feedback and as strange as this may sound- the course has made typing quite enjoyable for me!

I wish I’d learnt this skill many years ago however, you’re never too old to learn and I would highly recommend contacting Type IT! if you’re anything like me and typing is a fundamental part of your working life – which for most people, it definitely is!

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