“I can ‘sort of’ touch type.”

Sound familiar?

Touch typing is a skill that requires regular practice as it relies on muscle memory to remember the finger patterns.

Unfortunately most people begin learning to touch type with good intentions but they then give up and all their hard work is lost.


So why does this happen? Learning something new on your own isn’t easy unless you are totally committed and motivated. You’ve got to establish a good routine and have a plan of action. Without those two things – it’s always going to be a bit hit and miss.

A lot of the students we work with have dabbled with touch typing, usually saying something like, “I learnt it a bit at school”. Unfortunately touch typing is something you need to see through right to the end, otherwise you end up with a hybrid style of typing which is neither fast or accurate.

If you want to learn touch typing properly, it’s well worth investing in one of our courses. From just £16 per week, we offer all the support you need to become a proficient touch typist, typing without looking and with speeds of at least 30wpm and an accuracy of over 95%. No more hunting and pecking or backspacing.

We offer courses for both children and adults. Please message me for more info.

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