How can we start the New Year in the right way?

It’s happened again. All those plans to be “good” over New Year and yet, things seem to have rather gone out of the window. But don’t feel bad; I think after the last year, with longer working hours and stressful uncertainty, that we all needed a bit of time out and time to relax.

Think about your priorities for the year. What are the things that you would really like to achieve?


It might be a new job or new hobby, to meet new people or to move house. To change your image or to get healthier, giving up bad habits or creating new ones.

With a new job or promotion, you might need to look at some training, whether online or in person. There are plenty of adult education courses available – to gain computer skills or qualifications, including our own touch-typing remote course.

Through gaining a new hobby, you may in turn, meet new people who you can share that hobby with.

Put some dates in the diary.

As well as potentially scheduling in some dates for training, think about planning in some things to look forward to such as a long weekend or holiday. Do family or friends have any significant birthdays coming up?

New habits

Is there one thing that you can change to make your day or week better? It doesn’t have to be “getting up 10 minutes earlier to avoid rushing”, it could be to put time in your diary for exercise or “me” time or meeting up with a friend for coffee.

Be prepared

Try to plan ahead a little – even if it is laying out clothes or breakfast things the night before or having packed lunches ready to go in the fridge. Just that little bit of planning can really help to reduce stress in the mornings.

If you don’t meet that daily goal for whatever reason, through tiredness or unexpected circumstances or a shortage of “oomph”, there is always tomorrow to begin again.

Happy New Year! From the Type IT! Team

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