How can we keep our hands warm when typing?

How can we keep our hands warm when typing?


Apart from doing up buttons with frozen fingers, there is nothing worse than trying to type with cold hands when sitting in a cold room.

In previous job roles, I had a desk located in a corridor opposite a fire escape (with lovely gusts of wind coming up the stairs when the smokers took their breaks).   I also worked in Hampton Court Palace for a while and let’s just say, the bricks didn’t really insulate the cold!   I rocked a thermal vest for that role.

If turning up the heating isn’t an option, or the air conditioning which was a joy in the summer, cannot be turned down in the winter, things can be tricky.

So how can we keep our hands warm when typing?

  1. If you can, make sure the heaters/radiators are turned on when you arrive at the office (or if working from home).
  2. Move around.     At home, I sometimes do a short 10-minute exercise video which soon warms me up.   That might not be possible in the office, but you can get up from your desk to have a break.   Running up and down the stairs is a good way to warm up.
  3. Fingerless gloves – take some of the cold away while still being able to use your fingers.
  4. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee to warm you up inside as well as your hands.
  5. Wiggle your fingers and toes to stimulate blood flow.   Move your hands in circles.  Clench and release your hands and feet.
  6. Wear lots of layers and keep your arms covered.  Wear loose clothing to aid blood circulation to those extremities.
  7. For temporary relief, put your hands under your arms or rub them briskly together.
  8. Pop a blanket round your knees.
  9. Ginger is a thermogenic food, meaning it produces heat when your body metabolises it.   A hot cup of ginger tea is a great way to warm you up.
  10. Know when to see a doctor.   If your hands and feet are unnaturally cold or numb, it might be time to have a quick chat.   Look out for:
  • Numbness
  • Changes to skin colour
  • Hard or tight skin
  • Blisters
  • Hair loss
  • Memory loss

Stay warm everyone.    Of course, if you learn to touch type with Type IT!, your hands may eventually be moving so fast, that they may generate their own heat!

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