Has your child ever tried to learn something on their own and given up?


Have you ever tried an online course and given up? I have plenty of times. It’s usually because I start off with all good intentions, fired up and raring to go, and then by day 4, it’s starting to get a bit tiresome, less interesting or there are other priorities that get in the way. Before you know it, weeks have gone by and you are back to square one. It’s really frustrating.

Having an accountability partner makes such a huge difference. It could be a friend, a personal trainer or even a tutor. Someone there to help keep you on track and motivated to keep going.

Our remote touch typing courses are all tutor supported. We do this because 80% of our clients have tried a free online course and it hasn’t worked out. Having a friendly, experienced tutor there to inspire and encourage makes all the difference.

If you are interested in learning how to touch type, we run online courses for both children and adults. You can start at any time. Just message me for more info.

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