Ebooks versus paper books, which are better? Here are our top 10 pros and cons.

Which do you prefer to read?

From a personal perspective I do like to sit down in the evening with a good paper book.   Reading on a screen just isn’t the same as turning that page and finding out what happens.    But this might not be the same for everyone.   So what are the advantages and disadvantages of paper books vs ebooks?   Which do you prefer and why?


  • They are generally, much cheaper than paper books.
  • There are no printing costs so there is less environmental impact.
  • You can fit many hundreds of books on a kindle or other reading device, saving shelf space in your home or space in your suitcase!
  • You can’t damage pages and break spines.
  • You can listen to eBooks, an advantage for children and adults with disabilities.
  • You can change settings – font, line spacing and colour, particularly useful for children and adults with Dyslexia.  In our touch-typing course, we are also able to change settings to help readability too.
  • Larger font can make readers skim through pages more easily, given more of a sense of progress for those who find reading more difficult.
  • You can find books/sequels you want very quickly and download them almost instantly.
  • Some ebooks are free to download, for example  https://www.bookbub.com/ebook-deals/free-ebooks
  • Surveys show that younger age groups prefer to read online due to the popularity of modern technology.

Why Paper books and not ebooks?

  • The feeling of flicking through a book to the next page and that new book smell…..
  • It’s hard to sit reading to a child with a kindle, they want to see the pages turn and bright and funny pictures.
  • Not everyone can afford the technology.
  • The joy of browsing through bookshops!
  • You can annotate passages and quotations.
  • You can find rare and special edition books in paper form.
  • Although there aren’t printing costs, there are technological costs for ebooks.
  • No need to worry about wifi connections and battery power.
  • Several studies suggest that reading on paper instead of an electronic screen is better for memory retention and focus.
  • High levels of screen luminance from an electronic device can contribute to visual fatigue, a condition marked by tired, itching, burning eyes.  When reading at night, the light before sleep can affect your sleep as it can deplete your bodies melatonin.  I guess the same could generally be said for looking at your phone and scrolling before bed!
  • With a physical book you get a sense of progress as you feel the pages to read getting thinner.

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