Do you feel like taking on a new challenge and learning a new skill? What is the best way to learn?


We all have different ways of learning that work for us, but here are a few tips on how to learn the best possible way, whether learning to swim, play an instrument, learn a language, or touch type.

  1. Establish why you need to learn that skill.   What are the benefits to you?   What is your target?You might be struggling to write by hand or may want to increase your typing speed.   You might want to learn some useful phrases before going on holiday.
  2. Set up a schedule.   If you are not attending a class and need to be strict with yourself, block out a set time in your diary each week to complete your task.
  3. If you are doing a screen-based activity or one with a lot of reading, then make sure you take regular breaks which will help you focus. Measure your progress and be proud of what you have achieved.  With our touch-typing course, you will get regular speed tests to see how you are progressing although to start with, learning the keys is far more important than speed.
  4. Be persistent.   Practice! You will only get results if you practice.
  5. You might find that you achieve your goal and that you want to carry on and set yourself a new target.  At Type IT! we have a follow on course if you want to continue to increase your typing speed.

Good luck with your new challenge.

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