A coffee or two a day…

I do love a cappuccino!

I’m a huge coffee fan…as you can tell from my photo! But like many of us, I worry I am having too much caffeine.

Well there’s some good news because a recent UK study has shown that drinking a few cups of coffee each day is actually good for us! 😃

A UK study of 40,000 participants who over a decade drank two or three cups of coffee each day had a 10 to 15 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease, heart failure, heart rhythm problems, or early death.

Additionally, researchers point out that coffee beans have more than 100 healthy plant chemicals that decrease oxidative stress and inflammation while also boosting insulin sensitivity and metabolism.

I’m delighted with this news! I shall continue to enjoy my skinny cappuccino, extra hot with chocolate sprinkles!

Are you a coffee lover? What’s your favourite?

#coffeebreak #coffeelovers

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