Touch Typing Course Success for 14 year old DofE Student

fred-review-300x296-6550020It’s not often I receive a review from a student as it usually comes from the parent, so it was wonderful to get this yesterday! Fred did an intensive one week touch typing course with me. It’s usually a 12-week course but he was so keen to learn in time for sixth form that we condensed it into 10 hours! He finished the course typing with 99% accuracy and 51wpm. Learning to touch type is a wonderful skill to learn for your DofE Skill as it can be learnt from home and fit around busy school life. Our DofE courses are designed as a 12-week course and each student has their very own touch typing tutor to assist them through the course. This helps to ensure a fantastic final result. If you would like to book, please click here. If you’d like to read more about me and Type IT! please connect with me on Linkedin.

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