10 ways touch typing can help

10 ways touch typing can help

Are you thinking about you or your child learning to touch type, wondering whether it might be a good investment?

Here are some top ways that touch typing can help and it’s like riding a bike – once learned, never forgotten!

  1. Speed – You can type up essays and notes more quickly and easily or get those work assignments done as you are not hunting around for those keys and can see what you are typing in real-time.
  2. Accuracy – learning to touch type means that you can spot your mistakes easily as you are looking at the screen.
  3. Fight fatigue – if you learn to touch type, you don’t have to think about doing two things at once, writing and hunting for keys!
  4. In the workplace you can get through your workload more quickly and accurately, getting those assignments done.
  5. If you aren’t searching for the right key to press, you will not interrupt your train of thought and you can let those ideas flow!
  6. Touch typing is good for your posture as you aren’t moving your neck up and down from the screen to the keys.
  7. Touch typing can help with repetitive strain issues as you are using all the keys and you are holding your wrists in a better position.
  8. Touch typing can help you ace that typing test at an agency or interview and is a respected skill on your cv.
  9. Children and adults with dyslexia and dyspraxia or those who can’t remember spellings parrot-fashion can memorise spellings more easily when touch typing.   Touch typing relies on muscle memory like playing an instrument or learning to ride a bike.  You can remember the pattern of the keys and letters and can replicate them.
  10. It is so much easier and neater to edit a document on a computer, erasing and adding new words and sentences without a lot of crossing out and squeezing in!

Learning from a young age means that you don’t fall into any bad habits!  All Type IT! tutors need to take the touch-typing course and I discovered what I had been doing wrong.

Correcting my mistakes, meant that I could type faster and more easily.  In today’s world, speed and accuracy are all important.

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