Xmas Intensive Course Success!

Wendy Petersen and Type IT Class

I love this photo taken at our Harrow centre 3 years ago. We’re still running intensive courses but virtually this time around and my young assistant Dhruv is still with me! He’s a great role model to the children, motivating them to learn and try their best.

So this week I’ve been helping a very happy chappy who is very open about his learning difficulties and his challenges with English.

We talked about how touch typing is going to help him get all his wonderful thoughts down onto paper. He is exceptionally eloquent and confident when he speaks. All the ideas are there; he just can’t get them down onto paper. A very common scenario for a lot of the students we work with.

We talked about why he had never learnt to touch type properly before. His school ran a touch typing course but they didn’t cover their hands so they all cheated which meant he never learnt anything!

He’s so chuffed with himself having learnt all of the home row keys in just one day yesterday without looking! He’ll be moving onto learning top row keys today.

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