Xmas Holiday one-week intensive touch-typing class for age 9+

Xmas Holiday one-week intensive touch-typing class for age 9+

20th-24th December


Join our friendly team of tutors live in our virtual zoom centre from Monday 20th-Friday 24th December from 9am- 11am.

We will pack a whole lot of typing action into our week and we will have your child typing (without looking!) in no time at all.

Is touch typing a useful skill?

Touch typing is an invaluable skill for both children and adults.   A touch typist can improve their speed, accuracy and posture, all great skills for life at school, University and in the workplace.

Why choose Type IT!’s intensive course?

  • Your child will learn all of the keys in just one week.
  • The lessons are fun and engaging
  • Small groups of no more than 3 children per tutor
  • They will get to use great typing software with lessons, instructional videos and fun typing games.
  • As the classes are tutor led, they will be paced according to individual needs and your child will get lots of encouragement and tips to improve along the way.
  • Children will learn to type based on muscle memory rather than remembering parrot fashion. What is muscle memory?  The ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement.
  • The classes are Dyslexia and Dyspraxia friendly.
  • Improve speed, accuracy and posture too! Not only will your child type faster, but we will show them how to sit properly and touch typing will enable them to type without having to look up and down and will also ease strain on the joints.

What do parents think?

“Thank you for making the zoom course work so well (I hate zoom). I was expecting to have to coax Isabella, but she sat down happily every day and enjoyed it. She was thrilled to make so much progress so quickly and loved discussing what everybody ate at break!”

“Brilliant course for my 14 year old daughter who has dyslexia. Turned what could otherwise be very boring into something much more interesting. A life skill taught well. Recommended”.

“Brilliant customised service. My son did the intensive course and I was impressed with the high level of care & service offered”.

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Want to move at a slower pace?    We offer weekly remote classes too with tutor feedback.

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