Why free online touch typing courses don’t work

Learning to touch type on your own isn’t easy. It’s not as straightforward as finding a free online programme and getting on with it.

This photo is a perfect example of how things can go wrong despite a student showing good accuracies.

Getting help from a tutor gets the best results

As part of our remote course we ask students to submit a video of their typing.

This clip from a video of my student shows me that her fingers are not returning to the home row keys and her elbows are sticking out which means her fingers are at too acute an angle. This results in her using the wrong fingers on the top row keys. If she continues typing in this way, she will not only make lots of errors on the bottom row keys but end up with very sore wrists!

Having a tutor on hand to spot these problems early is a must for these young learners. Good technique and posture is paramount to learning how to touch type properly.

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