Why computer-based exams are becoming more and more relevant

Think “exam”, and you probably immediately picture yourself sitting at a desk while hunched over a piece of paper that lists various taxing questions.

However, computer-based exams are slowly replacing the old-fashioned, papery variety. But is this change a good thing, and how can you adapt to it?

Young people can easily adapt to on-screen exams  

If you’re still clinging onto the prospect of your next exam being a paper-based one, you might be largely acting simply out of a fear of the unknown. The digital transition in examination practices isn’t necessarily to be feared, especially by the younger generation.

This is because, if you are thoroughly accustomed to receiving tuition and research materials online, as so many younger people are, then you can easily follow suit with exams, too.

Computer-based exams can be much more thorough

Have you ever especially enjoyed a particular part of a course, only to notice that this part isn’t covered in the exam? That’s less likely to happen with a digital exam, as it can be easily built to test participants on an entire syllabus.

These exams can also be adapted to suit each participant’s ability. If you find yourself cruising with early questions, for example, the exam could pick up on this and toughen up its challenge with later questions. This can make digital exams harder to predict than paper exams.

You can more easily edit answers in computer-based exams

When you realise that you’ve been barking up the wrong tree with your lengthy, pen-written answer to an exam question, having to cross out that answer and find fresh room for the new one can be annoying and tedious. However, in computer-based exams, you can just hit the delete key.

You can also easily, within just seconds, readjust whole sentences and paragraphs as necessary to ensure your answer flows in the most sensible fashion.

However, these observations largely assume that you can type quickly. If you tend to type quite slowly, then you could benefit from learning to touch type up to 70 words per minute. Mastering this skill can prepare you for digital exams that you might need to take if you wish to pick up new qualifications, such as for a career change.

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