What motivated me to set up my Type IT! business?

I set up Type IT! because of a need to make money! Pure and simple.

My husband and just been made redundant and my first business, Click IT! (Computer Clubs in Nursery Schools) wasn’t paying enough to support the both of us and pay the household bills.

In survival mode, I thought of ways I could expand my business quickly. Two things happened that year. I franchised Click IT! which was seriously hard work but brought in much needed funds and secondly, I started developing the idea of a new business – Type IT!

The seeds were sown after receiving a few enquiries from parents asking whether I offered touch typing lessons. After all, we were providing IT support in nurseries, and our customer base were growing up, needing to learn new skills.

After researching the market, I realised that there weren’t any companies offering tutor led touch typing lessons specialising in teaching children. After months of researching and learning to touch type myself, Type IT! started trading with a class of 6 students in an ICT suite in an Arts Centre. It took off from there. We stayed local and eventually I set up my own centre, based in Harrow.

Fast forward 9 years, and in 2020, literally weeks before Covid hit us, we went UK wide, launching our remote courses online.

What made us different to our competitors, was that all of our courses were tutor supported whether they were face to face or not. Our experience over the years working with children with dyslexia and other SpLDs, has made us a specialist in our field. That was our USP then and still is today.

I’m so excited to see where the business goes next. I have plans to keep growing and innovating. I want us to be the very best at what we do.

📸 My first Type IT students in 2011! They are now 18 years old and we still keep in touch!

My first Type IT! Students

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