Typing Skills – The Best Keyboard to Use

typing-skills-the-best-keyboard-to-use-300x300-2097644Typing skills – can they be improved by the keyboard you use?

I often get asked by people what is the best keyboard to use when learning to touch type?

What’s the best keyboard for adults?

My general advice for adults would be to stick to the keyboard you will be using in everyday life. It makes sense really because there’s no point learning on something else only to have to adapt back to your other keyboard afterwards.

Touch typing for children

Having said that, for young children and especially those with dyslexia or dyspraxia, there are some benefits in using a more traditional keyboard, known as a mechanical keyboard, that has ‘clunky’ keys as opposed to the flat keys that we find on most membrane keyboards these days.

The advantages of using a mechanical keyboard to improve your typing skills

With clunky keys you know exactly when a key has been pressed. It has a springiness to it which gives you instant feedback. Unlike flat keys which can be tapped by accident. Keys on a mechanical keyboard also make a ‘thunk’ sound when pressed which again helps with reinforcement.

You can buy an inexpensive mechanical keyboard for about £10 on Amazon.

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I hope this helps!

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