Typing For Kids – Can You Learn In One Week?

child-fingers-on-keyboard-300x205-8441061Reasons for learning to touch type

There are many reasons why typing for kids is so important and for some, learning quickly is the option they prefer. One of the main reasons is time or lack of it.

Children are so busy these days

We all have busy lives and our kids do more than ever too. Their busy timetables and extracurricular activities outside of school mean that sometimes they just don’t have time to fit in another weekly club or class.

Touch typing for exams

Secondly, many kids are in a hurry to learn. Quite often we have parents coming to us saying that their child needs to learn to touch type because they have exams coming up. And sometimes these exams are only just a few weeks away. That doesn’t give them very long to learn.

Yes, you can learn in one week

But yes, it is possible to learn to touch type in one week. You can learn all of the keys on the home row and top row quite confidently. The bottom row keys are a little bit harder and need a little longer to master.

Building confidence

We would then recommend that for 10 hours of typing tuition, a student needs to dedicate another 10 hours of practice after the course to consolidate their learning. A successful result is when you can touch type automatically without thinking about where your fingers need to go.

Can you type and talk at the same time?

The real test is whether you can speak and type at the same time! Then you truly know that you are typing automatically.

Typing for kids – want to find out more?

So if your child is in a hurry to learn touch typing, a one-week intensive course, is a good option, but be prepared to put in some practice once the course has finished. It won’t be long before you are touch typing confidently.

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