Type IT! Easter Typing Quiz


With the Easter holiday approaching, here is a typing quiz for children (and their parents!) How many can you get right? Why not try our typing challenge and see how fast you can type?

  1. Can you find and type these words on the keyboard?
  • Easter egg
  • Bunny
  • Spring
  • Daffodil
  • Chocolate
  1.   Which hand should you type these letters with?
  • A
  • K
  • P
  • Q
  • N
  1. Which finger should you type these letters with?
  • J
  • F
  • I
  • E
  • Y
  1. What is the longest word you can find on the top row of the keyboard, the row that starts with QWERTY? (you can use letters more than once).  A clue, what did people type on before using a computer keyboard?
  1. How many words can you find on the middle row of the keyboard, that starts with ASDF?  You can use letters more than once.
  1. Try our typing challenge, how fast can you type?

Happy Easter everybody!  From the Type IT! Team

Answers to Question 2
A  (left)  K (right) P (right) Q (left) N (right).

Answers to Question 3

J (right index) F (left index) I (right middle finger) E (left middle finger) Y (right index finger).

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