Touch Typing is Fun To Learn!

Somebody said to me recently that they found touch typing fascinating. And I guess it is in so many different ways.

Wendy Petersen, Course Director helping a student learn.

I think a lot of people are put off from learning to touch type because it involves ‘effort’ and ‘commitment’ and both are true. The same as learning any new skill.

Touch typing doesn’t have to be hard

But it doesn’t have to be hard. In fact learning to touch type can, for a lot of people, feel relaxing, fun and even slightly addictive!

Start by learning the correct finger positioning

We start by teaching you the finger positioning – essentially what we call the home row keys. Anchoring the fingers in the right place so they know where to move each time and with repetition, it builds up muscle memory.

That eureka moment!

We encourage slow movements and with practice these become ‘automatic’ e.g. without thinking which is a eureka moment – it’s a wonderful feeling!

What to expect by the end of 12 weeks

Each week you will learn a new set of letter keys and before long you’ve covered the whole keyboard! By the end of 12 weeks, you’ll be touch typing properly without looking or thinking with an accuracy over 95% and typing faster than your current style.

We’d love to help you to learn touch typing

So it’s really pretty easy and fun to learn and I’d love to show you how. Fancy giving it a go? Just message me for more info about our remote and live face to face classes.

Let's Get Touch Typing!

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