Touch typing is for all children as well as those with SEND

I met up with new new website design company yesterday in Birmingham.

With any new project, it’s about getting to know me, what I’m passionate about and also getting to know my customers so that we can ultimately get the right message across on the website.

It’s not difficult for me to talk about why learning to touch type is such an important skill for ALL children to learn, not just children with SEND.

I talked about the automaticity of touch typing, how it becomes an unconscious action, allowing the mind to focus 100% on thoughts and ideas.

These thoughts can flow onto paper effortlessly without ever needing to hold a pen or waste time and focus having to look down at a keyboard.

Touch typing is a transferable digital skill which a child can carry through into their adult life and the workplace, allowing them to work more productively.

Why would we, as parents, not want to equip our children with this basic skill?

The project manager was stunned listening to me.

Until that meeting she hadn’t even been aware of what touch typing was let alone realising that this was something her boys needed to learn.

She is going to sign them both up for the course.

Our ‘customers’ come to us because they ‘need’ touch typing but there are many people out there that are not even aware of the incredible benefits that touch typing offers.

Let’s get everyone touch typing!

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The old Birds Custard Factory in Birmingham where I had my meeting

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