Touch Typing And Muscle Memory

Our brains are incredible!

Touch typing is all about muscle memory, where you are forcing your brain to coordinate between a lot of different muscle movements. Students repeat finger movements over and over again until they become automatic without conscious thought.

Touch typing takes practice but progress is swift!

During our intensive course session yesterday, I was helping one young man who was feeling a little despondent with his progress.

To prove just how far he has come in just a few days, we revisited some of his previous lessons from Monday.

He was astounded to realise that, not only had he increased his accuracy, but had tripled his speed! He was able to touch type completely automatically without thinking. It was easy peasy and he was delighted. 😃

I explained that with continued practice, this is how it will feel for all of the keys on the keyboard.

It’s amazing just how much you can learn in a few days!

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