The benefits of touch typing for children

What is Touch Typing?

Learning to touch type enables you to type letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols without looking at the keyboard.  This process relies on muscle memory, the same type of memory used to learn an instrument or sport.

When is the right time to start?

Although it depends on the child, children’s hands start to get to be the right size (big enough to reach the corners of the keyboard) around the age of 7 or 8.

Why is it good to learn touch typing when young?

Learning touch typing is a skill for life, used at school through to working life.   Starting early means that children do not form bad habits and can also learn the correct posture, preventing problems in later life with repetitive injuries and neck and back strain.   Habits formed young are hard to change later.   For example, I learnt to play the piano with my wrists flat rather than raised, with my first piano teacher.   I found this really difficult to correct in later life.

Keyboarding is a core skill for students to learn. Since it’s so essential, why not make it fun?  Our typing course has games spread throughout, testing their typing accuracy through space invaders, jumping and ninja battles!

What Are the Benefits of Teaching Kids Touch Typing?

There are many benefits including:

  • Muscle memory is an easier way to learn than trying to learn and commit to memory.  This way of learning can help children with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.
  • Speed and accuracy are increased when students start touch typing young.  If you are looking at the words as you type, it is easier to spot errors.
  • Touch typing leads to focus and helps children get their thoughts down more quickly as students don’t have to break concentration searching for keys.
  • Touch typing helps with posture as children don’t have to bob their heads up and down searching for keys.
  • Better work opportunities will be presented to them as adults – accurate and fast working is always a plus!
  • They will be able to complete student essays more quickly and with more ease.

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