12 days until Christmas, prepare to touch type tips

What should you be thinking about before you learn to touch-type?


1. Take stock of where you are and what your typing speed is. You can do this by taking our typing challenge. Feel free to try and compete against your friends and family!
Typing Test Competition – How Fast Can You Type? – Type IT! Touch Typing Courses For Children and Adults (touchtypeit.co.uk) 2. Posture
Keep your back straight
Keep your elbows bent and at a right angle. Do not push your elbows out like a chicken’s wings or your hands won’t be in the right position.

3. Avoid strain.  Don’t rest your body weight on your wrists. Your wrists should be touching the tabletop and your thumbs should be lightly resting on the space bar.

4. Don’t look down!  However tempting it is, don’t look at your fingers.

5. Keep your fingers based around the home row keys (ASDFGHJKL;). This stops you from getting your hands out of position when you type.

6. Feel for the bumps. Did you know there are bumps on the f and j keys that help you to position your hands before you start to type?

7. Keep your speed slow and steady.  The faster you go initially when you are learning, the more mistakes you will make. Don’t race until you really start to remember where those keys are.

8. Take regular breaks – this enables you to rest your eyes away from the screen and ease stiffness in your back and neck.

9. Avoid too much typing – Take a break in between typing tasks to avoid muscle ache and fatigue.

10. Making too many mistakes? Take a break and then regain your focus.

11. Build your skills – learning to touch type can help your speed, accuracy and can help you to get those words down before you lose that train of thought. Learning the right posture and hand position can stop any stresses and strains on the joints.

12. Now you are all ready to go, why not consider a touch-typing course with Type IT!? We can take you through lessons step by step with encouragement and advice from our Tutors. It might make a great Christmas gift too, passing on a skill for life that will help at school, university, or in your future career.Merry Christmas to you all and happy typing!

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