Apart from owning one of the very first PCs – an Amstrad back in the early 80s, I’ve always been an Apple fan.

In 1989, my job was to set up an in-house ‘desktop publishing’ department at Wickes. It was my first introduction to an Apple Mac. It was called the Macintosh Classic – anyone remember it? It was a tiny cube and very expensive! Fast forward the years and I’ve owned pretty much every Mac they’ve launched.

When I first set up my computer clubs business in nursery schools, our tutors used to wheel in the ‘Bondi Blue’ full sized Apple Macs on a trolley! Obviously before laptops came along.

So you can see I’m an Apple girl through and through, but I now have a dilemma. My current MacBook is now very old and starting to misbehave so it’s time for a new one.

But the new M1 Apple Macs cannot be upgraded, so if a year down the line I need more RAM or disk space, I’m stuffed!

My computer guy says I should buy a PC, Whaaaat?? I shuddered when he said that. In my mind, PCs = updates when you don’t want them and an interface that isn’t user friendly. I just don’t like them.

Is the Apple brand so embedded in me that I can’t make the switch? It’ll probably save me £1000 if I do. It’s decision time. What shall I do? Anyone else made the switch from Apple to PC?

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