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My son (age 12) came home the other day enthused by the app Duolingo.  He was enjoying the Spanish games but the problem was that with the free version, if you ran out of hearts, you had to wait quite a long period before you could play again and/or watch video promotions in order to continue.

I decided to look into options and ended up with a family plan where he/I and other family members could sign up. I decided to invest in the app because it is educational and will help him with his studies.   The games are short and achievable so I am now learning Spanish too!

With our touch-typing courses, we do sometimes find that parents sign up for the Type IT! course to try out the course before their children take it.  The good thing about our course is that although it is educational, it is fun too!

Lessons are interspersed with fun games and challenges and like Duolingo, animated characters will appear on screen and you have targets to achieve.   This fun element is great not just for children, but for parents too.  The big difference with our course though, is that you also have a tutor to encourage and guide you and help you to progress too.

Touch typing is a skill that can help you through school, university, and into the workplace. Fast, accurate typing is an essential digital skill these days, and learning to touch type can help you with spelling too because of the finger patterns. It is such a transferable skill.

Why not consider doing the course with your child or a family member?  You can egg each other on and you improve your work prospects too!

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