Learning to touch type fast!

Is it really possible to type over 100 words per minute?

Yes, it really is! This video shows one of my ex-students typing over 100 words per minute! When he started learning with me, he was using two fingers to type. We call that hunting and pecking and it’s super slow.

Once you have learnt which fingers type each of the keys, the brain starts to remember where to go automatically. It’s a fantastic feeling when you are typing without even thinking about what your fingers are doing. It feels effortless.

Why would I ever need to type this fast?

Sometimes you may need to. If you are in a lecture, for example, it’s a huge advantage to be able to listen and type notes quickly. Some gamers and coders need to type fast as well occupations such as transcriptionists, court reporters, police and NHS helpline staff.

Generally, we speak at about 150wpm, so the faster you can type; the better.

How can I learn to type this fast?

Everyone can learn! All you need is the right help to do so and the motivation to have a go. You can touch type in about 12 hours plus another 12 hours of practice time at home. Daily practice is always best because that helps with muscle memory. The more you practice it regularly, the easier it is for the brain to remember the finger patterns.

If you would like to learn how, just give me a call to discuss your exact requirements on 020 8434 7111.


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