How to touch type the right way

Our remote course is designed so that students can learn from home with our expert guidance. We upload videos and audio instructions throughout the course as well as providing “how to get better” personalised written feedback each week.

Sounds pretty straightforward?

For the majority of students it is. But we don’t leave it to chance. Very early on in the course we ask parents to send us a video of their child’s typing so we can assess their finger placement and movement.

This is an essential step in the process because as the photo below shows, things can go wrong.


As you can see, the fingers on the left hand are at too acute an angle causing the fingers to hit the wrong keys on the top row. The keyboard is too close to the edge of the desk so there’s no room for the forearms to rest. The fingers are moving around too much and not staying anchored on the home keys causing this student to make errors.

We can easily get this student back on track.

Why do free online courses not work?

This is why free online courses do not work because even with the most detailed instruction, mistakes can happen. That’s why many people give up when learning on their own.

Don’t leave it chance. Learn with us and touch type the right way.

Our 10-week remote courses can be fast-tracked to your requirements. You will have an expert DBS checked typing tutor guiding you throughout the course. Courses cost £195.00. Please message me for more info.

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