Is touch typing faster?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Hunting and pecking

I was a fairly fast typist, hunting and pecking with four fingers. My speed test result was 42wpm. But it wasn’t fast enough for me.

How fast do we think?

We think much faster than we speak, with some researchers suggesting we think up to 800 words per minute!

With this in mind, I knew learning to touch type was going to help me enormously. I learnt quickly; in just one day! It took me a few weeks to build up my speed.

How touch typing has helped me

I now type at 70wpm which means I am more in tune with my thinking. My fingers can now keep up with my brain and my thoughts can flow whilst my fingers get the words down automatically.

If you are frustrated by your typing, let me teach you a better way. Just message me here on LinkedIn.

Wendy Petersen

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