How can I help my child’s mental health? Here are a few suggestions from the Type IT! team.

So how can I help my child’s mental health?  After such a hard time for us all during lockdown, how can we help our children in this time of adjustment?

    1. Firstly, make sure you take care of yourself. We have all been through the same ordeal, so make sure that you have time to relax and unwind too.   It’s hard to bolster someone else if you aren’t feeling great yourself.
    1. Build trust by making your child feel safe and secure. This means helping your child when they are hungry and thirsty, too hot or too cold as well as when they are feeling anxious or unhappy.
    1. Be consistent. Follow through with promises or discipline (say what you mean and mean what you say) so they know what to expect and that you are being honest.  Also, so they know what to expect and to provide structure to their day.
    1. Find little ways to show that you love them.
    1. Encourage relationships with others – family or friends. Let them connect with others.
    1. Help your child to learn the tools needed to deal with stress Encourage them to talk to you or phone a friend.   Perhaps they might like to write their feelings down in a diary?
    1. Praise but keep it realistic. Concentrate on the effort they have put in rather than scores or intelligence.  Help build their self-esteem.
    1. If your child expresses self-doubt, ask them how they think things could be better or what evidence is there that that is not true?
    1. Try to spend some time together. I know this is difficult, particularly in the case of secondary school age (!) but perhaps an outing with their friends/friends parents or family trip out.  Even a meal together at the table.
  1. Keep an eye on the situation. If your child isn’t sleeping well and seems to be consistently down, it might be time to seek some advice.

Healthy Habits to help your child’s mental health.

A good diet, good night’s sleep and active lifestyle can also help your child’s mental health.

Think about mindfulness activities such as meditation, maybe before bed to help them relax.

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