How a touch typing student didn’t want the course to end!

This isn’t an ‘official’ review from a parent.

Instead, we received this message in our inbox.

How wonderful it made us all feel, from Tracy, who took great care in co-ordinating this child’s lessons and his tutor Jude, with her kind and caring nature. And also for me – knowing we have a brilliant product which is really making a difference in these children’s lives.

Touch typing was important for his

“Thank you so much again for everything and I can assure you that Freddie is using typing for all his schoolwork – the reason we did the course was to help with his executive functioning difficulties which involve VERY slow handwriting. He is on the SEN register in school and is allowed to use his laptop for all his work so this course has been an amazing boon for him and honestly life-changing.

Unusually (I’m guessing) for an 11 year old boy he is quite emotional about the course ending!!). He has asked me if he would be allowed to keep access to his completed work so he can go in and have a ‘trip down memory lane.’”

(Parent gave us permission to share).


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