Helping Your Child – How Much Is Too Much?

Making mistakes is part of learning

How many times have you wanted to step in and help your child when you see them struggling with a task?

How hard it is to watch their first awkward attempts at a skill that comes easily from our experience.

I’ll never forget when I went to view a nursery for my son. There was a conveyor belt of children doing hand printing with the nursery staff holding the children’s hands whilst they pressed them into the paint and onto the paper. Yes they looked perfect but what a missed learning and discovery opportunity. I found that very sad.

Of course it’s important to offer children guidance and they need to experience some success at what they do otherwise, if it’s too hard, they may just give up.

Making mistakes are part and parcel of learning and growing. In my work we support and guide our students through their course giving them the know how. We expect them to make mistakes but that’s how they learn and improve.

And when they do succeed, they are so thrilled with their achievement. Knowing they have finished this for themselves.

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