Helping Our Touch Typists from Start to Finish…

Thank goodness we ask all of our students to send us a video of them touch typing early on in the course. It helps us to spot any problems before bad habits set in. The majority follow our online videos and instructions and have no problems. But there are some that don’t.


These two photos (excuse the poor quality) shows that this student is using the wrong finger for the U key (using middle finger instead of ring finger), and the wrong finger for the H key (using the left index finger instead of the right index finger).

Video Analysis– Using the wrong fingers

This could easily go unnoticed and unchecked and could cause a drop in accuracy, speed, cause sore wrists or just pure frustration.

We go the extra mile to help our students learn to touch type

We can sort this with a quick demo video. How many touch typing courses do you know that go to this amount of effort to ensure success?

We do and we’d love to hear from you!

Our 12 week remote courses cost just £195.00.

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