Even touch typists don’t type properly!

Many of the people that come to us are already ‘touch typists’ – so why do they need our help?

Undoing bad habits!

Quote often their speed isn’t what it should be. And on closer inspection, it’s because they are not touch typing properly. So we have to undo any bad habits and start again.

Using the wrong fingers

Sometimes it can be something as simple as using the wrong fingers on certain keys and if this happens, it will slow them down. The usual culprits are the C, B and Y keys.

Getting the posture right

If their posture isn’t quite right, then this can also cause problems resulting in fingers going where they shouldn’t.

Adult learning to touch type with Type IT!

Not able to increase speed above 30wpm

It can be extremely frustrating for a ‘touch typist’ to be stuck at a speed of 30wpm. Their speed should be around 70wpm at least.

Get your typing back on track

If you are a frustrated typist and would like to get back on track, just send me a message and let me help you!


Let's Get Touch Typing!

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