‘Dyslexia Font’ is a representation of how people with dyslexia read letters.

I was fascinated to read about Switzerland-based illustrator Rocio Egio who posted a graphic on her Instagram account that captured her interpretation of the alphabet. 

Pranav Bhardwaj, a designer based in New Delhi, was so inspired by her post that he reached out to her with an idea to bring the illustration to life as an actual font. And here it is! The Dyslexia Font.

Egio makes it clear by saying “I just want to make clear that the Dyslexia Font is a representation of my way of seeing letters, words and messages. Each dyslexic brain has its own singularities when it comes to the interpretation of the alphabet. This is not a font more readable for my dyslexic friends. This is just an example that comes from my own experience.”

As someone with a graphic design background, I can really appreciate the beauty of this font. What do you think? You can download it free on her Instagram account.

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