Are you a touch typist?

Although touch typing is the most efficient way to type, there are other ways to do it.

Hunting and pecking with one finger isn’t the most efficient way to touch type!

Which one do you do?

Touch typing

Touch typing – this is where you learn to memorise the keyboard and type automatically whilst focusing on the screen. This allows you to correct and edit on the fly. It feels easy and effortless with thoughts going straight onto paper with little effort required.

Hunting and Pecking

Hunt and peck – this is where you look down at the keyboard to type letters. Because your focus isn’t on the screen, it’s very easy to make mistakes and then having to find them again to correct. It’s also tediously slow and noisy!

Hybrid style

Hybrid style – this is a very common style and many people come to us using this method and I used to be one of them! This is where you can type some of the keys without looking but for others you have to look down, usually for the more tricky bottom row keys and punctuation keys. It can be a very inefficient method as well as uncomfortable for the neck and shoulders having to constantly move up and down when looking from screen to keyboard.


Buffering – this is a play pause method of typing. Here you would read a sentence of the content, memorise, and then type it. Again this a very slow way to type.


Thumbing – mainly for typing on a mobile phone or tablet – although you’d be surprised by the number of children that have tried using their thumbs to type the letters on a computer keyboard!

Why not learn to touch type?

As it’s New Year, how about learning to touch type properly? I’d love to show you how!

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